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Minister Boštjan Poklukar Assumes Office

The newly appointed Minister of the Interior Boštjan Poklukar has taken over the ministry from Vesna Györkös Žnidar today. Having reviewed and signed the protocol on the transfer of duties, Mr Poklukar and Ms Györkös Žnidar gave a statement to the media.

The outgoing minister summarised the main tasks and accomplishments of her four-year term. The work was hard as immediately after assuming office she had to address the disastrous financial, personnel and material situation within the police. She made it her priority to ensure sufficient resources for effective and safe policing as well as ongoing development of the police organisation. She made a special mention of the police legislation reform, underlining the fact that security in Slovenia can only be delivered by a police force with adequate powers and technical means and equipment. One of the biggest challenges during her tenure was migration, yet with experience and cooperation we managed to get to grips with this problem. She believes that the police are a system that is professional, effective and achieves good results in all areas of its work, while remaining above the daily politics. She thanked her colleagues at the Ministry, Police and Inspectorate, and wished the new minister a successful and stable term as well as sound and effective decisions.


According to the incoming minister Boštjan Poklukar the ministry he is taking over is in good shape. The main priority of his term is migration, where the police have the situation at the border under control. He intends to keep Slovenia safe by fighting crime and other security challenges. He is aware of the understaffing in the police and the harsh reality of the labour market. His intention is therefore to make the police profession more attractive by launching promotional campaigns. Other priorities include digitalisation and streamlining of procedures at the Ministry and in the police. 


Poklukar has no intention of interfering in police work or exerting political influence over it. The police are a professional and autonomous body, bound by the principle of legality and operating within their powers.