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The content of this website has been moved to, the state administration's main website published on 1 July 2019.
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In a state governed by the rule of law, the Police is tasked with protecting individuals, their property and the community, while respecting the law, human dignity, human rights and freedoms and legitimate social objectives. In doing this, the police enable the relevant institutions of the state and civil society to review their work, at the same time providing effective professional supervision of the work of police officers.
As a responsive, highly professional and autonomous organisation respecting the law, the Police provide public security and maintain public order as well as detect the perpetrators of violations and criminal offences, collecting evidence of their actions. In addition to that, they perform numerous other tasks laid down in the Police Act.
Inspection in the area of internal affairs is dealt with by the Internal Affairs Inspectorate of the Republic of Slovenia and Public Sector Inspectorate, which are also bodies affiliated to the Ministry of the Interior.